Cat Scan | CT Scan (Computed Axial Tomography) in Irvine, CA

CAT Scan – Digital X-Rays in Irvine CA
CT & MRI scans or other diagnostic services are investments in your health. You need a sharp, detailed image so your physician can make a complete assessment of your condition. At Irvine Urgent Care and Imaging Center, we have the expertise, equipment and environment to make your imaging crystal clear and your experience pleasant.

Our expanded Imaging Department at Irvine Urgent Care includes new state-of-the-art equipment that provides highly-detailed pictures to help physicians evaluate a wide range of conditions, including stroke and heart disease.

How CT SCAN or CAT SCAN works

  • Computed tomography (CT scan) or computed axial tomography (CAT scan), is a medical imaging procedure that utilizes computer-processed X-rays to produce tomographic images or 'slices' of specific areas of the body.

State-of-the-art Equipment, Siemens Somatom Emotion The most popular CT in the world

  • Siemens' customer-focused philosophy has always been to continually integrate cutting-edge imaging applications into daily clinical routine, providing high quality patient care while simultaneously lowering costs.
  • Available in 6- or 16-slice configurations
  • Excellent access and patient positioning due to slim gantry depth and flared opening
  • Patient-friendly design
  • Freedom of movement in clinical intervention
  • Smallest scanner footprint available
  • What to Expect On Arrival

    When you arrive at Irvine Urgent Care Imaging Center, please see the receptionist at the front desk. They will review the type of exam your physician has ordered, obtain any past comparison studies that you may have available, and review your medical history.
    You will need to fill in some paperwork and then you can make yourself comfortable in our seated waiting areas.

    Preparing for the exam

    • Before the test, we will likely ask you a series of questions to help determine if you have any other health problems prevent you for the test, review any medicines you take, question if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
    • Leading up to your test, follow your doctor's instructions regarding any changes in how you take your medicines and any restrictions on your eating and drinking.
    • We will explain the test and answers any questions you may have.
    • You will remove your clothes and put on a gown or robe.
    • You will remove all jewelry, hair clips, dentures, and other objects that could show on the x-rays and make the images hard to read.
    • If your CT scan includes oral contrast material, you will need to drink the contrast material at this time.

    During The Tests

    • You will lie (usually on your back) on a movable bed. The bed will slide into the donut-shaped CT scanner. Depending on the type of scan, an IV line may be placed in your hand or arm. A saline solution and contrast material may be injected during the test. The technologist will leave the room. She will give you directions via an intercom. The machine will take a series of pictures of the area of your body that is being studied. Your bed may move slightly between pictures.

    After The Test

    Once your scan is complete, your technician will show you back to the changing rooms and give you your locker key so that you can dress again. You will need to wait for the technician to review your images. In some cases, more images will need to be taken. Otherwise you are then welcome to leave our Irvine Urgent Care Imaging Center.